All citizens must know constitution for their rights, Marriyum Aurangzeb

Marriyum Aurangzeb, Information Minister

ISLAMABAD, Aug 11 (APP): The minister of state for Information,
Broadcasting and National Heritage Ms. Marriyum Aurangzeb said here today that each
and every citizen must read the constitution as it determined and secured the rights of the
citizens therefore it was imperative for them to seek awareness about their rights and
She said this while addressing a conference “Celebrating 70 years of
Parliament of Pakistan” here at PIPS and speaking after inaugurating a 4-day photo
exhibition in connection with Pakistan’s 70th Independence Day celebrations, The MOS said
that there was a need to initiate a social and political discourse on the subject.
She said that the parliament was a supreme and sovereign institution and
all national institutions should respect the law and the constitution.
Marriyum said that for the first time in 2015 parliamentary studies were included in the curricula of the universities.
The minister said that progress and development of the country was
linked to respect for the will of the people, mandate given to the political forces and
continuity of the democratic process.
Marriyum said that on the occasion of 70th independence day of the
country the nation will have to renew the pledge that every person would play a
constructive role for strengthening parliamentary democracy and ensuring rule of law and
supremacy of the constitution. The MOS lamented the fact that even after passage of 70
years the deabate about strengthening the democratic process was still raging.
She said it was the duty of Parliament to promulgate legislation making
it binding on the Constitutional institutions to ensure their implementation in letter and
spirit. Nawaz Sharif, she said, believed that the national development was linked with the
ballot paper and vote, and the citizens must have this realization.
She said that those who were doing politics of criticism for the sake of
criticism were disgruntled elements. She regretted that none of the eighteen Prime Minisers
were allowed to complete their mandated tenures and that was why the people now were
raising questions about it.
The minister said that the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif had
already started debate on the issue of respecting the mandate of the people.
She said that difference of opinion was hallmark of democracy while
censorship was the main tool to undermine freedom of expressionduring dictatorial rules
when many pages of newspapers used to remain blank.
The minister stressed the need for creating awareness among the youth
about the ideology of Pakistan and sacrifices rendered by our forefathers for the creation
of Pakistan and their achievements as the new generation lacked adequate knowledge about
those events and developments.
Referring to the mammoth crowd joining the cravan of Nawaz Sharif the
minister said that it was not a planned rally as the former prime minister is going home
and his supporters and voters were welcoming their beloved leader on their own to express
their infinite love and affection for him.
She said that the remarkable thing about the whole affair was that it
had been quite peaceful so far. Expressing sympathy with the opposition over
unprecedented and historic reception of Nawaz Sharif she said that the number of people
gathered by Nawaz Sharif was far bigger than the people that the opposition was able to
attract in all their mini sit-ins and sparsely attended rallies during the last four years.
She said that she could understand the mental condition of the
opposition and pitied it, adding that they should accept the reality ungrudgingly.
The minister said that Constitution of Pakistan was a sacred document
and the entire democratic system revolved around it, She said that constitutional and
fundamental rights stemmed from the constitution and
Sustainable Development Goals and Vision 2025 were an evolution of the constitutional
She that during the dictatorial regimes not a single goal of the MDGs
could be achieved and the people could themselves make comparison between the
performance of the dictatorial and democraticregimes. she said that the pace of national
development achieved during the last four years, would continue under Prime Minister
Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s leadership.
Referring to past four years of PML-N rule, she said that record number of development projects had been launched and completed. She said that Bhikki power project was the best example of swift completion as it entered in Guinness book of world records.
The minister observed that in 2013 the country was facing worst
load-shedding but now with the grace of Allah and efforts of the people’s government the
problemhad been overcome to a great extent and as promised by former primeminister
Nawaz Sharif Pakistan would become load-shedding free next year.
About the Prime Minister’s Educational Reforms Programme, she said it
was historic programme under which the educationalinstitutions had been provided modern
equipment and facilities including GPS-fitted buses for girl students to ensure their safety.
The minister said that the PML (N) government could also claim credit
for making the education free and compulsory for all citizens as required under the
constitution. Another commendable feature was that the minorities enjoyed equal right
under the PML (N) government, she added.
The minister paid tributes to armed forces,law enforcement agencies for
their sacrifices for defence, solidarity and protection of Pakistan.
Referring to therole of the media the minister observed that it was
itself in the process of evolution but had played a tremendous role in strengthening
democracy in the country.
About the Prime Minister’s Educational Reforms Programme, she
said it was historic programme under which the educational institutions have been provided
modern equipment and facilities including GPS-fitted buses for girl students to ensure their
Referring to the students she said that when the China Pakistan Economic Corridor would be completed it would create countless new job opportunities for them. She said that if there was no network of motorways in Pakistan there would have been no CPEC.
She sad that in 2013 terrorism was one of the biggest issues of the country and on the average over 2400 incidents of terrorism were registered which had now fallen to only about 150 incident per year now which was a big stride towards making Pakistan a peaceful state.
Marriyum said that Armed forces, Police, provincial governments and
other law enforcement agencies deserved appreciation for implementing the vision of former
prime minister Nawaz Sharif under the National Action Plan (NAP).
About corruption, she quoted a report of Transparency international which said that 18 per cent improvement had been registered in corruption index after 18 years, that meant 1999 when the PML-N government was overthrown.
The minister said that a historic new tradition was created by the former prime minister by not hiding behind the immunity provided under the constitution and offering himself and three generation of his family for accountability.
She said that was authenticated fact that hundreds of billions of rupees
project had been launched and completed during Nawaz Sharif’s tenures andÂ
not a single case or allegation of corruption,kick backs or misappropriation of public funds could be levelled against a person who remained chief minister of a province twice and thrice elected prime minister of Pakistan.
Marriyum Aurangzeb renewed the pledge to make Pakistan a strong and democratically vibrant country as per vision of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
“The Quaid had dreamed for a strong political and democratic process in the country, having a complete constitutional authority. We will continue to work till the dream comes true.”
Photos of founding leaders depicting their struggle for creation of Pakistan were put on display at the exhibition organized by Directorate of Electronic Media and Publications (DEMP), Ministry of the Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage at the Lok Virsa Museum here.
The Minister said Former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had devised a comprehensive programme to mark the 70th Independence Day celebrations in a befitting manner, which would continue till December 2017.
She said PTV and Radio Pakistan had been airing special programmes to create awareness among masses especially young generation about the struggle made by the founding leaders for creation of Pakistan and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s thoughts for progressive and prosperous Pakistan.
She praised efforts of democratic leaders who struggled for supremacy of the Constitution and Parliament, since Pakistan came into being.


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