Another controversy steps in regarding new Islamabad Airport

New Islamabad Airport Faces Another Controversy Over Dam

ISLAMABAD, 09 November 2017: New Islamabad Airport has become a project that seems never going to end. The Airport should have been operational months ago as per Government’s commitment but it has been giving new dates since long. The last delay occurred because of the shortage of water after that CAA had planned to construct a small dam to curb the needs of the airport after it goes operational and then the project was awarded to a firm with the name  “Hassan Construction”  It has been now revealed that the firm was not eligible to carry on such a project and the company was not even registered with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and attached fake documents of experience with the resume.

The airport project was meant to be completed with an estimate of Rs. 35 billion but due to out of the blue and deliberate delays the cost has already crossed the Rs. 100 billion figure. The contract for the dam was worth Rs. 664 million but after it was given to falsified company the cost of the dam can go beyond the estimated figure.


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