Civil society urges ECP to involve Transgenders in democratic process


 By Sarmad Shahbaz 

ISLAMABAD, 10 November 2017– Being a transsexual person sidelines you from the diversity of careers in Pakistan. Tackling this issue, the officials from the civil society organizations urged the federal government in KPK to make political and electron process tranquil for the Trans-people in the area. The officials also called Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) for the involvement of third gender people in the democratic process.

A coordinator from Blue Veins, an organization based in Peshawar, KPK which works for the rights of girls, women, and transgender, Mr. Qamar Naseem told journalists at the PPC that the transgender community at Peshawar had successfully designed a Transgender Election Network which will aid in raising voice for democratic equality on national level.

Mr, Naseem stated that Farzana Jan symbolized KPK in the network whereas Komal Afridi in Balochistan, Ihsan Ali Khosa in Sindh and Nayab Aliin Punjab.

The coordinator also said that this step will not only help the delicate community in becoming a strong equity emblem but it would also enable the transgender to work various areas of life.

He pressed political parties to give political space to the transgender community and appreciate the efforts of thethird gender in Pakistan. Furthermore, Mr.Naseem also directedin making gender equality established within party structures, processes, and practices.

Farzana Jan from KPK said

“Transgender community had been denied rights across the country.”

Ihsan Khosa from Sindh believed that the

“Transgender community had the basic right to contest elections and hold government offices for being a citizen of the country.”

The social activist from the Trans community submitted the government to give reputation and acknowledgment to the transgender community in the provincial as well as national assemblies. They included that the ECP should make sweats to ensure the contribution of third gender representatives in electoral process not only as voters but also as public candidates.


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