Dr Brenda Crabtree announced as the Local Scientific Chair of IAS 2019


By Asim Nawaz Abbasi

15 May 2018 (Geneva, Switzerland) – The International AIDS Society (IAS) today announced that Dr Brenda Crabtree is the Local Scientific Chair of the 10th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2019), taking place in Mexico City, Mexico, on 21-24 July 2019.

Dr Crabtree is a staff physician in the Infectious Diseases Department at the National Institute of Health Sciences and Nutrition, Salvador Zubirán (INCMNSZ) in Mexico City and Assistant Professor of the HIV programme at National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). She has been engaged in AIDS care and research since 2007, participating in research and clinical trials focused on opportunistic infections, co-infections and co-morbidity therapies for people living with HIV.

“I am delighted to have Dr Crabtree as the IAS 2019 Co-Chair,” IAS President-Elect and IAS International Scientific Chair Dr Anton Pozniak said. “It is fitting that a champion scientist like Dr Crabtree is filling this leadership role for IAS 2019, as her expertise will ensure that the conference helps address the critical HIV and AIDS research needs specific for Mexico and the Latin American region. I am looking forward to working alongside her over the coming months.”

Dr Crabtree is the former Chair of the HIV Committee of the Mexican Association of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology, the Secretary of the Consortium for HIV, AIDS and Tuberculosis Research and a member of the IAS. She has been distinguished as part of the National Researchers Group established by the National Council of Science and Technology in Mexico.

In the past decade, Dr Crabtree has actively participated in the Caribbean, Central and South America network for HIV epidemiology (CCASAnet) in most of the projects of the network, including those looking at sociodemographic and clinical characteristics in people living with HIV in the region. Since its establishment in 2006, CCASAnet has served as a regional research model to produce evidence-based HIV responses.

“I am honoured to be serving as the IAS 2019 Co-Chair alongside Dr Pozniak,” Dr Crabtree said. “Hosting IAS 2019 in Mexico will be an important moment in our country to level progress on identifying, treating and caring for people living with HIV across the entire region.

“The region is often viewed as less affected by HIV/AIDS than other parts of the world. However, the Caribbean has the second highest HIV prevalence after sub-Saharan Africa, and there is inequity and violence in the region towards those most vulnerable to acquiring HIV and those living with HIV.

“My hope is to ensure that IAS 2019 plays a pivotal role in making human rights, with evidence-based science, cornerstones of the fight against HIV and AIDS in the region and around the world.”

Dr Crabtree graduated from the University of La Salle in Mexico City and completed her internal medicine residency training at the American British Cawdray Hospital and National Autonomous University of Mexico, both with honourable mention. Later she specialized in infectology (infectious disease) at the INCMNSZ.

This is the second time that the IAS has convened a conference in Mexico City; the city also hosted the 17th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2008).


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