Dreams of Qasim


Prophecies about the progress of Pakistan and the Rise of Islam
Muhammad Qasim bin Abdul Karim

Dreams are given a special importance in Islam. Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

““Nothing remains of the beginnings of Prophethood except the good vision a Muslim may see.” The Sahabah sought that what does a vision mean? Prophet Muhammad PBUH said “Good dream.”

It is proven from this Hadith that apart from dreams there is nothing left for the believers to know the events of the future. The importance of true dreams is also apparent from the fact that it is a part of the Prophethood:

“True dreams are one of the forty-six parts of Prophethood.”
(Al-Bukhaari, 6472; Muslim, 4201)

Qasim has been continuously seeing dreams for the past 27 years about Pakistan, the coming of the day of Judgement and Islam. He has also seen Prophet Muhammad PBUH in his dreams for more than 300 times. Some years ago Prophet Muhammad PBUH gave me an order in my dreams to share my dreams with the people and to convey the message of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. This fact is completely clear that we are living in the end of times and the day of Judgement is very near.
It is not possible for me to state all of my dreams here so I am stating a summary of my dreams instead.
In a dream on 2006 I asked Allah that why did you create Pakistan? Every kind of vice is present in Pakistan, neither is there peace nor prosperity, there is killing and injustice everywhere, and he told me that Qasim 1400 years ago when Muhammad PBUH was in this world then he often used to make a supplication that O Allah, near the day of judgement create a country whose name would be La ilaha il Allah and when Islam is suppressed in the entire world then make the true Islam spread in the entire world from there, so I accepted the supplication of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and I decided to make Pakistan, and I will defend Pakistan and I will protect it too.
I was told in my dreams that soon attempts will be made to change Pakistan into Tora Bora and plans will be made to end Islam. But Allah will help the Muslims and Islam will spread in the entire world. Pakistan and its Army will play a huge role in the rise of Islam.
I was told in my dreams about the plans of America, Israel and India against Islam and Pakistan.
In a dream on 19th March 2017, I saw that the prime minister of Israel told the president of America that we have almost completed the castle of Dajjal (which was a brown colored building) and very soon only the name of Palestine will be left and we will rule the entire Middle East. Then the president of America said that not only the Middle East but the entire world will be under our governance. When Israel started to create a brown colored building in the area of Palestine then the Muslims protested a lot. Suddenly in the base of the building there was a huge blast and due to it a terrifying dust storm was created and it started to spread everywhere, a huge number of Muslims died and this storm spread all across the Middle East, Egypt, Sudan and many other Arab countries. I thought that what Israel did which caused destruction of such a magnitude!?
In a dream on 21 December, 2017, I saw that the president of America was creating a plan to destroy Pakistan, in his hand there was a map which showed Pakistan as a part of India. The president of America showed this map to everyone and said that now Pakistan will be controlled by India, and then he signed it.
In a dream on December 2014, I saw Turkey, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia as three big castles of Islam. The enemies of Islam tried to destroy these castles one after another. First of all an attempt was made to destroy Turkey and they destroyed it without facing much resistance. After this those forces went for Saudi Arabia and destroyed it. Muslims were continuously being defeated in the third world war and a terrible destruction was spread in the Middle East. After this the non-believers wanted to destroy Pakistan but Allah helped Pakistan and its army with His unseen forces and black jet fighters. Then Ghazwa e Hind began which was a part of the third world war and Muslims achieved their first victory in Ghazwa e Hind and Muslims successfully defended the third and last castle of Islam. Then we marched towards the Middle East and conquered our lost areas, Pakistan successfully defeated America and Russia with the help of Allah and became a superpower and then we spread the true Islam in the entire world with the Help of Allah.
I have seen many such dreams in which I am told about the progress of Pakistan and the rise of Islam. If I combine all of these dreams then the following sequence of events is formed:
Soon the news of my dreams is spread in the entire world with the Help of Allah. During the same time Prophet Muhammad PBUH gave witness to the army chief about my dreams that Qasim is not lying about the dreams, his dreams are true and they are from Allah. After this the army of Pakistan and its people really believed in my dreams and took courageous steps to save Islam and Pakistan. Then the people who really loved Pakistan started to rule it. First of all Pakistan was freed from every form of Shirk at the level of the government, and sectarianism is abolished. The Muslims of Pakistan became one nation. Eid started to be celebrated on one day and the Azan started to occur on the same time. To save Pakistan from usury such a system of banking was devised that was free from interest. Every type of terrorism and injustice was abolished. And such a system based on justice and equality was formed that the people of the rest of the world were amazed. Such a system of governance was formed that the common people of Pakistan could ask questions from prime minister, army chief and the heads of other departments.
When the enemies of Pakistan saw that Pakistan is progressing then they tried to ruin Pakistan economically and asked Pakistan to give back the loans that it had taken, and said that until Pakistan returns the loan we will force it to accept our terms and make it our slave again. But Allah helped Pakistan and granted us from the treasures of the unseen. From these treasures we paid back the loan of Pakistan.
Pakistan stood on its feet by the Help of Allah, there was peace and prosperity everywhere in Pakistan. There was Mercy and Blessings of Allah. Allah finished impurity and immorality from Pakistan. Many non-Muslims also immigrated to Pakistan and started to live here. We gave everyone equal rights without discrimination. Pakistan became a rich country of the world.
And soon enough we surpassed the west in every field. We create planes, ships and every sort of technology including space shuttles by ourselves and became self-sufficient in every field. We surpassed the rest of the world by the Help of Allah, the world was amazed that how did we achieve all this in such a short period of time. These people were very underdeveloped, and if they keep on progressing at this rate then they will rule the entire world one day.
When Pakistan started to progress by leaps and bounds and peace and prosperity started to spread everywhere. Then upon seeing all this India tried to stop Pakistan from progressing and started to prepare to attack Pakistan. The people of Pakistan and the army became prepared for this too. Allah sent thousands of black jet fighters with His help. India became terrified on seeing them and also surprised that where did Pakistan get these jets from? The rest of the world, the engineers of American army became surprised and amazed too. Upon seeing those jets India retreated its army from the borders. But Pakistan took advantage of these jets and freed a famous place in the Middle East. In this way Allah planned and Pakistan got an opportunity to progress a lot.
On the other hand India, its allies and the terrorist groups prepared to wage a war against Pakistan. We attacked on Kashmir and freed it. Upon this America said that we will fight the third world war in Pakistan. After seeing those black jet fighters, Muslims from all across the globe came to Pakistan for the rise of Islam and the Ghazwa e Hind. Pakistan also took steps to protect the Muslims living in India, so that they would be safe in the event of a war. Entire world saw that Muslims became united once again. We make our jets for wars and other technology by ourselves and we became self-sufficient by the Mercy of Allah.
Then the worst war of the world started, the enemies of Pakistan believed that they will destroy Pakistan. But Allah helped Pakistan by His Mercy. In this war we did not kill women, children and innocent people. And Pakistan won this war by the Help of Allah. In this war 800 million people are killed, in which there is a greater proportion of the enemies. After that the government of Pakistan gave refuge to the women, children and other people and they became Muslims too.
We won this war by the Help of Allah and our enemies were defeated. After that Muslims of the East came out by the Help of Allah and got back the lost areas such as Middle East and Turkey and there was no one to stop us. Pakistan became a superpower by the Mercy of Allah and then we spread the true Islam of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in the entire world by the Mercy of Allah. The entire world was filled with peace and Islam was once again spread in it. Everyone understood that the true Islam of Prophet Muhammad PBUH is filled with peace. The Mercy and Blessings of Allah was everywhere and no one was poor or sad. And above all, Allah was pleased with us. This peace remained for 8 to 10 years and then Dajjal appeared.
In a dream on 20th September 2015, Allah said that Qasim Quran is my word. If Shaitan, jinn and the entire humanity united even then they won’t be able to create a single Surah. Like this the dreams that I have shown you are also created by me (Allah). If Shaitan, Jinn and the entire humanity united even then they won’t be able to create such dreams.

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  1. Pakistan became a superpower by the Mercy of Allah and then we spread the true Islam of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in the entire world by the Mercy of Allah. The entire world was filled with peace and Islam was once again spread in it. Everyone understood that the true Islam of Prophet Muhammad PBUH is filled with peace. Ameen.

  2. MashAllah…SubhanAllah…Allahu Akbar…These dreams are a pure Mercy from Allah SWT and glad tidings to all those who love peace…Muhammad Qasim Divine Dream will be truth…inshAllah…

  3. Mashallah Subhaan’ALLAH ALLAHU AKBER
    May ALLAH SWT bless Qasim and his supporters to spread the true islam in the entire world May ALLAH SWT unite the whole ummah


  4. Each n every word of this dream will be 100% true inshaAllah. India is ready to attack Pakistan taking it easy. May Allah save us from destruction. Ameen

  5. By the Mercy of Allah S.W.T. we will get rid of this opressive system that we live in

    Unite my brothers and let us rise again and become the ones who will free this world from evil

    Qasim my brother, be patient. We, your followers are on our way to help you

  6. Muhammad Qasim dreams will be true, InshAllah. I am from Bangladesh. I believe him and we need to believe him and it’s the order from Allah SWT.

  7. Without a doubt, he is speaking the truth: None of his dreams goes against The Qur’an and The Sunnah in any form or manner, but, rather, it gives us Glad Tidings of Salvation from The Lord Most High!

  8. Alhamdulilah
    Yes, Muhammad Qasim is indeed truthful, because his dreams are very eloquent and similar to the end of times Hadiths and Quran. When he spreads his dreams, this is a 100% confirmation that we are in the end of times NOW.

  9. 1,400 years ago, a man had dreams and no one believed him. He was the last and final prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He warned us about the dreams of people in the end times that they would hardly be untrue. We must follow the teachings of Muhammad saw and take heed to the dreams of the believers in these times. Qasim is true, honest and guided by Allah alone. This is a matter serious indeed and all the matters will unfold just as he has told us from the dreams given to him by The lord of existence Allah.

  10. We will soon get all good news whatever Allah has reveled to Muhammad Qasim , Qasim’s dreams are true , we have never seen any falsehood , May Allah guide all ummah toward these divine mersages , Ummah needs savior for their survival and for saving True Islam ..Allah ho Akber

  11. We will soon get all good news whatever Allah has reveled to Muhammad Qasim , Qasim’s dreams are true , we have never seen any falsehood , May Allah guide all ummah toward these divine mersages , Ummah needs savior for their survival and for saving True Islam ..Allah ho Akber

  12. The Divine Dreams of Muhammad Qasim s are about Signs of Qiyamah
    , Rise of Islam , Ghazwah hind , arrival of Dijjal , descent of Essa ( as) and Gog and Megog , The Guidance of Allah at the of end times will come in form of dreams to the people who has weaker faith in which Allah will give guidance to them by Allah’s Mercy so that one will truthful dream will invite ummah to the Help and Rahmat of Allah
    The truthfulness of the dream is related to the sincerity of the dreamer.
    Towards the end of time, hardly any dreams will be untrue. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:
    “That will be because the Prophethood ﷺ and its effects will be so far away in time, so the believers will be given some compensation in the form of dreams which will bring them some good news or will help them to be patient and steadfast in their faith.” (al-Bukhaari, 6499; Muslim, 4200)
    We along with lot of other believers from all over the world are following this truth and strongly witness for this truth from Muhammad Qasim .
    We trust Allah and His Messenger Muhammad ( saw) and all of their promises to Ummah .

  13. alhamdulillah. we are so lucky.I want to say from my heart that,muhammad Qasim’s dreams are from Allah and he is truthful with his dreams.He had started sharing his dreams according to the command of Allah not from his self interest. At a first sight, u can think that his dreams are fake but if u do research on his dreams, hadith and the reality then u will be able to understand that muhammad Qasim’s dreams are a blessing from Allah.These dreams are really a divine gift for muslim ummah.So,please don’t ignore his dreams and please do research on it.Allah will help u in sha Allah.


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