Engineers’ convention held in Islamabad attended by PM Engineer Abbassi

PM Shahid Khaqan abbasi during engineers convention held in Islamabad

By; Sarmad Shahbaz

Islamabad: On Thursday 9th November 2017, the most awaited mega-event ENGINEERS’ CONVENTION 2017 was held at the Convention Center, Islamabad. This tremendous convention was organized by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) for the Young Engineers around the country. More than 700 young engineering students from different institutions i.e. COMSATS, NUST, and CUST etc. attended the convention.

Prime Minister of Pakistan, who himself is an Electrical Engineer, Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi while speaking here at the Engineers Convention said that engineers were main to evolution and improvement of the country, foundation of sustainable development has been laid in the country by the efforts of the current government he added. He stated that “It is a mere coincidence that several ministers including that of the interior, defense, planning, and education, and others who were at the helm of affairs were engineers.”

The chief guests at the event praised the PEC for organizing such a wonderful event which would help the young engineers to focus on becoming the bright future of the country.

The Prime Minister also asked PEC to boost up the education system. He asked the PEC to strictly endeavor for calibration and augmentation of the curriculum, quality of education which needs to be improved and the appointment of good managers at the helm of affairs; as the heads of engineering, organizations needs good administrators.

On this account, the Prime Minister Mr. Abbasi has approved following demands which were first raised by Engr Jawed Salim Qureshi – Chairman PEC and were recognized by Engr. Ghulam Dastagir – Defense Minster & Engr. Ahsan Iqbal – Interior Minister.

  • 20,000 paid internships for young engineers.
  • Service structure demand accepted
  • Filling of vacant positions in various government departments on a priority basis.
  • Actions will be taken to make engineers heads in engineering departments.
  • Opportunities will be created in a government department to associate a trainee engineers with permanent positions of Engineers. After completion of training, PEC will explore overseas employment opportunities for these engineers. PEC HR committee will develop a database on its website. Through this portal access to overseas HR, companies will be provided to market our Engineers.

The event was super effective which recorded a good response by the guests and students. The medals were distributed by the Prime Minister at the end of the convention amongst the officials from PEC. This was yet another historic milestone achieved by the PEC, which no man in Pakistan could achieve in 70 years. Let’s hope that this convention would be a turning point for the jobless engineers in Pakistan.


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