Hunger and Obesity in Pakistan Reasons Behind 

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Hunger and Obesity in Pakistan – Reasons Behind

By Asim Nawaz Abbassi

Some strange feelings are associated with human gestures. Getting what you desired, gets you hooked up with the feelings of excitement. Giving out provides you with the feeling of satisfaction. But the feelings can be obviously of the other way around. They can be fears, anxieties, depressions, tears, worries and the most prominent to discuss is the feeling of helplessness.

And in this very case ‘NO GESTURE’ is associated with feelings because you are helpless only when you cannot afford to implement things your way. You suffer because all you can do is nothing. Helplessness in every context is that awful and atrocious phase of life where you start to lose your faith because there are truly no options to admit. You look for options but on the contrary not even a single remedy to rectify is witnessed.

Millions of humans have been petrified by the unjust routine activities by the other fellow humans which create a feeling of helplessness for them in return. Everybody possess their own affording capabilities. Some afford much. Some afford none. But all of them deserve everything equally. The rational distribution of every facility, food, shelter is what every human requires which is ignored. And eventually the negligence of the supervisors in the process and in fact sometimes the unjust happening with their consent is considered to be THE MAIN SOURCE TO CREATE THE HELPLESSNESS for individuals. The very basic of the human requirements is, was and will be food to live. Human capability to run depends solely on whatever the intake is. In a nutshell, the quantity of nutrition is directly related to how good you perform. Efforts to live and earn require health and health however comes from the good intake.

Jotting away the reasons of witnessing immense galore of hunger, the participative most of all is the Poverty. Poverty has been always the first and the significant most factor to introduce the most of discrimination among people. It is the foremost step to inculcate deprivation and further prepares us to get our hands off from food and many other necessities. It is actually due to a different or away from the normal pattern of distribution of money among people. Not only it facilitates the rich but prominently disturbs the poor and finely removes the capability of people to even shop food for themselves. The deciding factor here is not the fate but people who decide and distribute instead. Channelizing the unjust to be just, they, rather hide the misconducts openly with anonymous reasons and portray to be always the worthy just promoters while justifying the reasons to be the legislative policies implemented. Being the authoritative ones or somehow pretending to be the ones when the authority does not even belong to them let them choose to do any of the kind of corrupt they want to promote. This takes away the life of the ones who deserve the opportunities and essentials equally.

The second reason to obey the hunger is the unjust distribution which is the reason behind the big massacre taking place. Billions have been affected and billions are stepping to be. The irrational whereas never eye catching but astonishing pattern of distribution is crafted and portrayed to be just, which is whatsoever the main plotting hub to snatch away from the already poor and feed their owns. This never only limits itself to food but many other human priorities, requisites and essentials for an individual to grow and prosper which he is deprived of. Whilst the unjust goes on, the monotonous conducts by specific individuals to make a few deprive certainly continue to make them as powerful as it can get. Nevertheless, the contributing portion also accommodates inflation.

Higher the inflation, lower the purchasing power. The restriction for so many people for so many things creates a negative haphazardness for individuals and create hopelessness to maintain the behaviour of getting their hands off from every unaffordable thing. It creates apologetic atmosphere to live in. Market ultimately is the foremost to play a part in escalating the hunger. It nurtures the prices and peels off the opportunities for common people to have an access. And the cumulative decisiveness of the market shown to enhance the prices underscores every bit of antipathetic attitude towards common people. It highlights the ignorance they possess towards common people. It portrays the unawareness they have towards the inconvenience that is caused by them to the commoners. It is the indication of how clueless they live independent of everyone’s fears, worries, problems yet only dissolved in what satisfies them the most.

The ongoing atmosphere has the most influential piece of contribution in the hunger promoting scenario. Weather matters undoubtedly. Monsoon causes immense flooding which has repercussions to deal with. Alongside the damages taking place like residential devastation, the crops on the other side are highly influenced by the detrimental weather. The coping up with the weather is obviously not an easy process as it is a natural calamity. We can obviously prepare ourselves for it but cannot fully avoid it. The flooding causes a great delay to harvest. The process does not only delays the growing, harvesting of copious crops in fact puts a giant stop to feed the hungry ones.  The outcome to this is malnutrition and droughts which are most commonly witnessed scenarios.

The next reason is associated with the previous one and that is Famine. Famine is a small word with a disastrous connotation in general. Flooding in Pakistan is not only devastating for some but the same people are homeless for a longer period of time.

Mentioning another reason in the context which causes hunger is the overuse of scarce resources. The resources to intake are rare and not unlimited to avoid any worries. They are limited and should be obviously used prudently, whereas the reverse of the process is witnessed. The resources which are hardly available are made extremely rare by their improper use. The more they are consumed, the more of the worries increase. The best of the examples to put forward is of Water which is really scarce. But nevertheless people still utilize it with their eyes closed. The unfortunate behaviour to not save up water for the future use is itself an indication of how much negligence we possess towards society and the people living. The primarily and throughout limelight in every individuals life is HE and no one else because everybody is collecting for themselves and neglecting the others.
So another reason following population is awareness. People are certainly backward as far as child birth is concerned.

The not so prudent use of the resources is then additionally causing us with the increasing population. Birth control is turning itself into a bigger war. The more the people, the more difficult it is to manufacture food for them. The control, however, is not followed properly because of unawareness. The consciousness to avoid being overpopulated and having nothing to eat is alarmingly missing. It needs to be taken up by several campaigns talking in the context of Pakistan. The rural most people actually avoid being educated for reasons and try to be as they have been brought up sadly.

Stating the reasons to hunger, an informal factor, load shedding which can never be highlighted enough. The manufacturing of important food products is dependent on technology to make itself forward. Considered to be an actual prerequisite to create awareness, communicate, reduce differences and process things, technology is the vital most and benefitting most of the essentials. It craves out not only new patterns to produce but also is a quick fix to generate food. So technically we are every bit of relying on technology to cope up with us to generate more and more. So somehow it makes us food deficient.

Penning away the outcomes of hunger, thefirst repercussion to follow after hunger prevails is malnutrition which is actually described as the body lacking the essential minerals to grow. Another bad disadvantage occupied by malnutrition is the obvious effect on the growth of your brain. Your body evidently requires nutrients and minerals to develop. The cycle initiates from the toddlers. They take milk till a certain time and then gradually start to consume away required small proportions of necessary food to develop. When you do not fill the space with the close to requirement, you witness apparent changes which are not positive. Malnutrition does not only make obvious on your body structure but your gestures, your body language, the cognitive ability is perhaps affected to the roots. The child, due to malnutrition, cannot compete to other children. His abilities are somehow immensely put down by not any other human but the food intake that he never had.

The reason to malnutrition is strangely not poverty all the time. The food is sometimes not manufactured through pure means. It lacks all the essential and important most minerals and it goes through improper supervision and mixing away of filthy/contaminated products to elevate the quantity which puts down the quality of the food. However the usage of impure products which make the food unhygienic is capable to putdown the best in human.

Medically speaking, hunger is a response to two hormones of the body namely Leptin and ghrelin. Leptin is released to tell the body that it is full and ghrelin is used to make the body feel hunger. There are certain factors which also triggers our hormones. These hormones make the body call for hunger even if we only need a glass or two of water. The reasons to such abnormalities is particularly stress and fear. Stress is almost like an ongoing trend in today’s world. Stress and depression either cause the body to eat too much or too less. In the prior case, people tend to eat so much that they start depositing themselves with heaps of fat which in return causes obesity.

As it is said that, some people live to eat and others eat to live. It is highly dependent on an individual himself that what personality he pertains to. Some people are born with heavy eating habits but some develop it by time. All in all, it is majorly triggered by some physical and health issues majorly. Due to stress, depression and anxiety which causes hypoglycaemia; a condition in which the blood sugar goes low. This condition makes the person yearn for more food and sugar intake. Though, a person might only require water but it due to mental stress and anxiety the person keeps eating and becomes obese.  Same is the case with other medical conditions like diabetes, hepatitis etc. There are many conditions which add up to this disorder (obesity). When the blood sugar fluctuates the person keeps accumulating carbohydrates which makes up fat in the body. Also, in today’s world, there has become a renowned fashion of eateries all over the country. People and business men are competing over food. The food is rich in fats and carbohydrates which makes everyone fat and chubby. This increasing trend has marked new levels of obesity in the country and introduced many new other body disorders. Also, speaking of difference, people who cannot afford such foods are faced by complexes and hence become a part of the never ending circle of stress and inferiority. This circle is highly affecting Pakistan’s environment. People are highly anticipated by the luxuries which other people enjoy and eventually become a prey to such diseases. This is the major reason which is causing obesity and other body disorders. On the other end, such disorders are also caused by hormonal imbalances. Such hormonal anomalies are basically due to the production of inorganic chicken and vegetables. Such things are injected with certain boosters which when instinct in a human body cause hormonal distress and lead to deadly disorders which make the body swell and become obese.

Contrarily, the inferiority complexes is causing people to face malnutrition and being under weight. People of higher social groups are so busy craving and fulfilling their hunger that people of lower class are being highly neglected and face a huge pane of nutritional deficiency. This highly instigates a level where there exists a huge gap of opportunities and blessingsfor the people who witness poverty. Thar is an eye-opening example of the said fact. Drought and famine are a permanent part of their lives. This all is due to high negligence and high disturbance in the authority of control. There should exist an equal distribution of basic facilities and necessities. Also, people should be made highly aware of the threats of unhealthy eating or over-consuming things not sparing them for the fellow people.

This disruption and many other relevant factors account to the factors of unhealthy living which in return is also affecting the average life rate of people. Adding unhealthy eating is also one major factor which adds to the reasons of obesity. As said earlier, many manufacturers and producers are doing adulteration in food by adding preservatives and chemicals which make the users rather addictive to the product and also intoxicates him with substances which cause disturbance in the normality of his healthy organs. This is so because the person stays addictive to the product, he will keep intoxicating himself which in turn will keep harming him.

Talking about the worst that hunger can bring is a loss to development. Due to hunger not only people survive in the worst situations but we get away from the very talented bunch of young humans that suffer due to hunger. They, the youth (who are suffering from hunger) could be bringing the best out of them and by putting that forward, they could have been grown to be not only talented but also, they would be enhancing the country’s image too. Talent is never restricted to people in specific spheres. It is found everywhere. Every individual is born with abilities which if polished can be converted in to the capabilities. And if left the opportunities, we definitely will lose a handful of talent which we can actually consume. The talented youth can help us grow more, witness more of the development and occupy the best positions in the organizations to let them prosper.

Thar, an area of Pakistan is literally deprived of the most essential human necessity which is water. Water not only helps us to live but also is a vital ingredient to so many food items. It is also needed to improve our hygiene, cleanliness and so many other reasons but we deprive the most essential of the necessity. It underscores how weak we do humanly. If we lack providing our fellows with the necessities to live, we obviously are helpless or we need to be out of this selfish atmosphere. In any of the cases, there are innocents that suffer. This is an indication that we do not prefer saving the worthy lives but all we do is think about ourselves. If preferred to come out of this dilemma, government should have been taken an initiative to reduce the deadly circumstances and would have taken the survivors out of the fatal problems. This would have been preferred a long time ago which is not even eyed once. The hypocrisy has led us to be sympathetic only when we need publics support. Helping the needy when you need to get stable and ignoring the social issues when become powerful is the game played for years now. But some essential steps to reduce this hypocrisy should be undertaken which are:

1-The higher authorities should take the charge of the distribution of the staples and other daily use products by ensuring that they are safe and healthy for use.

2-The administration should be responsible enough to look for ways to inculcate healthy living and promote awareness about healthy food.

3-Parks and recreational areas should be opened to make people exert fat and stress out.

4-They should get highly indulged in controlling population, so that resources are used appropriately (because the resources are scarce and the population is unbearable.

5-Organic vegetation and use of healthy ingredients should be made a compulsion for all the restaurants.

6-Eliminating hunger should never be prioritize on to governmental authorities only. On the contrary it should be a group effort. Organizations should merge together to reduce the evil.

7-Rational food intake should ne assured whatsoever to save up for the deprived ones.

The writer is Islamabad based social activist and can be reached at


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