Kari celebrates 29th birthday with Broad Peak Summit

Kari with the Norwegian Flag

By Asem Mustafa Awan

ISLAMABAD (6-08-2017) Kari Dybsjord Rostad left for Norway Saturday night after celebrating her 29th birthday in a unique way with the first Norwegian ascent on Broad Peak at 8047 meters.

“July 27 is the day and my age stops at 29 and from now I will be adding months to it,” said delighted Kari adding, “It has been great experience visiting Pakistan and I plan to come next year for Gasherbrum II.”

In her exclusive interview with Capital Times she said, “My grandfather Ragnar Dybsjord is the inspiration behind it and he is one of the pioneers in the Norwegian climbing scene.

He used to take me during his climbs and he has climbed all the peaks above 2000 meters in Norway.

I visited Nepal in 2007 with him and now after 10 years I am here in Karakorums and my first 8000 meter experience has been very good.”

Kari Dybsjord Rostad, made the first Norwegian ascent on Broad Peak in 19 hours starting from Camp 3 at 7000 meters at 10:15 pm and reaching the top at 10:15 am on July 27 and another 7 hours going down from top to Camp 3 using supplementary oxygen from camp 3 to top and back.

“I turned 29 on July 27 and from here the age stops and now I will be adding months to it, said jubilant Kari adding,” My first time in Pakistan has been a wonderful experience and I want to repeat it with Gasherbrum II in 2018.

Two Pakistani high altitude porters also climbed with Keri and all three along with few others climbers including Spanish, Chinese and Nepalese reached the summit.

The two Pakistani high altitude porters included Aminullah who has climbed all the five 8000ers of Pakistan and Ali Raza.

Answering a query she said, “The ropes on Broad Peak were fixed by the Austrian team who made the summit early July and left the peak.”

“Unlike Everest where people have to wait there was enough room for every climber to go for the summit push,” said Kari adding, “I am very happy as I leave with very good memories from Pakistan.”


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