Minority in Minorities


By:  Chaudry Sarmad Shahbaz 

Life is really cruel as well as beautiful at the same time. We peep! We can’t get over our sadness but can get over the happiness real quick.
Similarly, most of the humans in the recent epoch are capable to accept two things. Sadly, Money and Power. What else you guys expect in a rush from a car driver? frustration.

Humanity is something that is missing in most people in the world. Remember, there is always two sides of a picture. Saying the humanity doesn’t exist and exist in a small magnitude differs a lot. Why did I quote about less humanity? Yes, I did because of RACISM and DISCRIMINATION among these poor souls.

In Pakistan, besides religious minorities, there are some minorities which are treated in a devastating way. Not only in Pakistan but in the most of the countries present in the South Asia.

These minorities are widely known as Transgender or Transsexual People.

The term “transgender” or “trans” refers to people whose gender identity — their innate, deeply-felt psychological sense of being a man, a woman, or neither — is different than the sex assigned to them at birth. Most people in Pakistani region call them Hijra. Well in my POV, this is totally disrespectful, instead of this people should call a sober name as they give to a man or a lady. Just like Khawaja-Sara.

It would be most preferable and jolly to them.

Transgender, the third gender, are basically minorities present in minorities. Let’s make it clear that these people are the same kind of species like us. These aren’t non-human alien came from the outer space of this multi-universe. We have to respect them, respect them in each and every position of livelihood. Just like us, it’s their basic right to have respect, encouragement, to live their lives to perfection just like males and females. From nowhere, how come people believe them and torture them like animals. These people are lovely from theheart and of course in a person. Transgenders are same like us, not any different. If you believe in Allah or you belong to any religion present on the face of theearth, you have to admit it that these guys are born in the same way like us. Then why this prejudice is at thepeak in Pakistan?

There are millions of transgender living their lives on land. They belong to every state of the world living their life happily. But in Pakistan, the scenes are different. These blameless survivors are used in cheap businesses just to make money, to cultivate the money. Just like us, they are normal people which are something hard to accept in our society. There are many cases relevant to these transsexual people in sex working and other businesses. You know why? Because they are forced to do it. These people seem to be helpless. To survive, you must have to adopt something. Yes, now most of the people will be thinking of aPositive clean way of earning and living life. There’s a BIG NO! For these people. In the past, about a year ago. A transgender activist named Respected “ALISHA”was shot seven times to death. She was a leading voice for transgender rights in the conservative Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. When she was shot and was taking to the hospital for treatment, even the so-calledwell-educated DOCTORS and Staff people mocked her about her personal life and making awholly negative impact at the time of her death.

Similarly, there are many other cases, one of most emerging and increasing rapidly case is that these transsexual are used as a toy. Well yes, a toy. How would you feel when you are just used like a tissue paper? At least there’s your family who can pick your shoulders but for these people, there’s no one. The life is no Bed of roses for the third gender people, especially in Pakistan. They have to from door-to-door, car-to-car, person-to-person just to ask for some money so they can at least complete their necessity on the present day. This kind of cultural or tradition whatever name you want to give this situation must be shut down immediately and the basic human-rights must be provided to these poor people.

It is now time, to raise voice for these people, to make awareness about shutting down the racism, biased judgment among our society. Campaigns are being held to

Cognizant people about the importance of these beautiful creatures. There are many Transgender Activist working hard with paying their lives in this noble work.

Many of them are recognized on International Platforms. This makes me happy, to see humanity building up in this country created on 14thAugust 1947.Nowadays, the Percentage % of humiliating Transsexual people is alesson because of people getting thepure mindset of mortality.
Some of these painstaking, never-losing people are:

Lahore based transgender activist Neeli Naz, Rawalpindi-Islamabad based Transgender activist Bubbli Malik, a leader of Trans Action Pakistan, Farzana Jan,Almas Bobbyand much more.

Now a day’s government of Pakistan are working on the basic rights of transgender people. The government issued first third gender passport to transgender activist. Well that’s reallyquick, isn’t it? Yes, the awareness is spreading for the basic rights of these people which make me and most of the people working in social areas. A report was launched in which Activist Farzana Riaz said the new passport would help her campaign globally on behalf of her community, who is also known as Khawaja-Sara.

“I have received my passport which mentions my gender as X and not as a male or female,”

Farzana told AFP.

Moreover, many steps are taken for facilitating these people in religion. A Mosque is going to build especially for Trans people in the Metropolitan of Islamabad. From social life to personal, well-aware people are giving as many rights as they can to these minorities. In the field of Showbiz, There’s first Pakistani Transgender Model named Kami Sid 26 years old, who came from activist to model who can do what she can do for free-living,stated that

People think we only go for negative things but we can be doctors too.”

Also said, I am here to change the concept.”

At slightest something is better than nothing, showing this kind of positive behavior and approach to the third gender can eliminate most of the problems in our country regarding minorities. I hope these welfare activities would be increasing day by day in the honor of Transsexual people. The government should also consider these people in Government as well as Private sector. They can build the economy of the country and work in each and every arena of life working as normal human being. Hoping their best forthcoming for aiding the country to extreme best.

Do remember these guys are as normal as us, Next time whenever you are going to meet a Transsexual. Give Respect, Love her the same way you love the other two genders. Make this country Great Again.



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