Net metering; Pakistanis can now sell electricity to Government


Lahore – Clients of Lahore of Electric Supply Company can now sell additional electricity produced from solar panels to the Government. The system is in place in many parts of the world has now come to Pakistan. The energy deficit country like Pakistan needs such solutions where the end users not fulfill their energy needs but to help Government. In such a situation net metering would definitely be a benificial thing. According to a LESCO official they already received 100 applications by the clients to avail the net metering facility.

Net Metering Explained:

Net metering is a billing mechanism that credits solar energy system proprietors for the power they add to the grid. For instance, if a private client has a PV framework, it might create more power than the home uses amid sunlight hours. If the house is net-metered, the power meter will run in reverse to give a credit against what power is used around evening time or different periods where the home’s power utilize surpasses the system’s yield. Clients are only charged for their “net” energy utility.


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