Open Source – A global partnership, Open Source Summit to be held in Islamabad


Open Source is a glue that enables organizations to become a Global player.  Increasingly IOT, Big Data, AI and Mobile technologies are the driving trends mostly riding Open Source developments.  The Open Source community has brought a multi-demential revolution that is bringing solutions accessible to all parts of our society, businesses and governance.  The vision that drives Open Source Foundation Pakistan (OSFP) is to enable the business community generally and particularly the new and small entrants to take advantage of revolution and ride the wave of digitization coming our way.

OSFP was established 5 years ago and is striving hard to bring awareness of Open Source Technologies — both Software & Hardware in Pakistan.  One aspect of our vision is to prepare educational institutions, the faculty and most important the outcome, i.e. the students be well versed with the Open Source Technologies.  OSFP has put into action a plan that is producing developers as well as contributors to the Open Source Community.  The Open Source Community has yet to see the impact of local industry.  Although pockets of Open Source technologists exists but the impact will be greater when the community and its efforts are publicly recognized and marketed.

OSFP has announced The 5th Open Source Summit to be held on 8th March, 2018.  Details are available at  All organizations are encouraged to participate in the event.  OSFP welcomes industry leaders who are interested in giving Tech-Talk to come forward and take advantage of this opportunity.

Members of community are equally welcome to get a flavor of Open Source Contributions in Pakistan, learn to take advantage from it and become a Global Player.


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