Pakistan academy of sciences join science leaders of the commonwealth countries to tackle climate change

Scientific evidence necessary to curb climate change says Dr. Qasim Jan


By Asim Nawaz Abbasi

ISLAMABAD 12 March, 2018 – The Pakistan Academy of Sciences has joined science leaders from around the globe to call on the Commonwealth Heads of Government to use the best available science to guide action on climate change.

The call is part of a consensus statement on Climate Change, launched today by national academies and societies of science from around the Commonwealth, ahead of next month’s  Commonwealth Heads of Governments Meeting – CHOGM in London.

The consensus statement, which represents the consensus views of tens of thousands of scientists, marks the first time Commonwealth nations have come together to urge their Governments to take further action to achieve net-zero greenhouse gases emissions during the second half of the 21st Century.

Dr. Qasim Jan, President of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences said that the greenhouse gas emission reduction commitments agreed to by 160 parties in the 2015 Paris Agreement are only the first step in a long journey.

“Even if all country commitments from the Paris Agreement are met the latest data shows that by the end of the century the global climate is likely to be 3 Degree Centigrade above pre-industrial levels. This is substantially higher than the Paris target to limit warming to less than 2 Degree Centigrade and would have profound impacts affecting billions of people throughout the world, ” Dr. Qasim Jan said.

Sustainability is one of the key themes to be discussed by Commonwealth leaders at the 2018 CHOGM, with a particular focus on the resilience of developing and vulnerable countries to climate change.

“Recognising different capacities, challenges and priorities, the approaches of each nation will not be the same. But, they must be informed by the best available scientific evidence, monitoring and evaluation, Dr. Qasim Jan added.

The Pakistan Academy of Sciences stands ready to assist Government of Pakistan and indeed broader Commonwealth efforts, by providing sound scientific advice on issues relating to climate change.




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