Sui Gas explosions in the country rises, reason exposed.

To cut down the expenses Government stopped or minimised adding pungent smell

no smell in sui gas causing casualties

ISLAMABAD, Jan 23: Incidents of explosions caused by gas leaks have risen in the recent year just for a reason that gas leakage is no more detectable. The Sui gas department is not using pungent smell that makes the gas easily detectable.

This season proved to be deadliest since ever as thousands of gas explosions have already been reported across the country with many casualties in different regions of the country including Islamabad,Lahore and Karachi.

Sui gas or natural gas, is colourless and odourless , so the gas company used to add an odorant as a safety precaution. The pungent odour, almost like rotten eggs, helps detect it immediately if there is any gas leak. But this year it appears that no or very small amount of pungent odour is added in the gas which has taken many precious lives.

Natural gas has been silently killing residents. No odour, no colour and gas loadshedding on the top of that in winters often makes gas leak and its detection difficult.

An official of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited told Capital Times that pungent smelling chemical was mixed with natural gas, whose concentration might be low but it was an essential part of the gas since its pungent odour helped a person detect leaks.

The official denied to accept that the natural gas transmitted by SNGPL used in households had lost its rotten pungent smell but admitted that its concentration might be kept low because of its high cost.

Mubashir resident of Islamabad and relative of an affected person told Capital Times that my cousin entered his room and he didn’t feel any smell but when he tried to light up the heater it exploded which burnt his body up to 40 percent and he is still in critical condition in PIMS hospital Islamabad. He also criticise the government for the deficiency of burn centres in the country.

“If there is a gas leak and still there is no smell, then who is to blame for the deaths caused by gas leak,” asked another consumer.

He said it should be of everybody’s concern since the people were dying every year due to gas leaks, which were undetected for having no smell.

The consumer said it was time that the relevant authorities should take notice of the issue for corrective measures.


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