Today’s Pakistan is much better it’s developed and peaceful, Ashfaq Sarwar


MUREEE, May 27 (Our Correspondent): Provincial Minister for Labour and Men Power Raja Ashfaq Sarwar said that PML-N led government under the leadership of Mian Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif is making Pakistan better day by day, Pakistan we were in before 2013 is different from today’s it’s more developed and peaceful. We will witness the love of people for Nawaz Sharif in elections 2018 he added. He said that Prime Minister had an abiding commitment to promote well being of the people and usher in an era of progress and prosperity in the country for which he had been working day and night to fulfill his commitment.

Ashfaq Sarwar was addressing a public meeting along with Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Maryum Aurangzeb and Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources   Shahid Khakan Abbasi at Union Council Rawat in Tehsil Murree.

He said that Pakistan was about to become bankrupt in 2013 but now all international surveys and reports were declaring the country among the 20 emerging economies of the world due to efforts of the team of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif during the last four years. Ashfaq said that while the Prime Minister was trying to change the economic profile of the country through development projects, the political opponents of the government were trying to block the road to progress.

Maryum Aurangzeb while addressing the gathering said that government under dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif who had given the first ever security policy to the country terrorism had almost been stamped out as the terrorist networks had been dismantled and  the incidents of terrorism had decreased from 2500 to only 160 per year  representing nearly 85% fall which was in itself a big achievement.  Marriyum said that the success against terrorists owed to  the hard work of the government and Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan.

The minster announced several development project UC Rawat which included up-gradation of Girls High School to Degree College and setting up of a maternity center in the hospital at Rawat and 15 tube wells in Rawat Union Council.  She said that the Punjab chief minister had formed a committee for to ensure timely completion of the hospital. She also announced construction of four new roads in Rawat Union Council.

Marriyum Aurangzeb said that allocation for Bait ul Mal had been doubled in the budget and Prime Minister Health Card Program would be introduced in this region soon so that the poor patients could avail this facility.

She said that local leadership of PML-N including Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Khaqan Abbassi and Provincial Minsiter Ashfaq Sarwar were able  lieutenants of Nawaz Sharif who always fulfilled the responsibility which they were assigned. She said that development work in the area and provision of natural gas in the area were proof of their commitment.


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