Transgender population in a doubt – Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. 

Survey reveals 36000 Transgender persons in Pakistan reported HIV positive

By Sarmad Shahbaz

ISLAMABAD – The recent population census clashes by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. On Tuesday, it was reported that the census counting of the transgender community wasn’t responsible, resulting in negligent consequences of transgender population.

The officials from the PBS stated that the disabled people were counted in the specific category regardless of any gender, which affected the main calculating the transgender people.

The census was categorized on the command of Apex court, the official said in the National Assembly Standing Committee on Statistics about the 6th Population and Housing Census 2017. The PBS officials also seconded that the disabled number of transgender and handicapped people around Pakistan hadn’t been shown in the major details.

Census and Survey member Mr. Habibullah Khattak said that Pakistan’s annual growth rate increased by 2.4 percent according to the latest census. He also added that the total annual growth rate had been around 3.06 percent every year according to 1981 census, he added.

While talking about the provinces, Mr. Khattak said that annual growth in populations from Punjab was 2.41%, 3.37% Sindh, 2.89% KPK, 4.91% Balochistan, and 2.89% Fata.


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