Verna successes to the cinemas across Pakistan


By; Sarmad Shahbaz

Verna successes to the cinemas across Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – The Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC) Pakistan has finally capitulated to the team of VERNA and the movie is released without any further edits.

The movie had 3 reviews in the last four days before hitting the screens all around Pakistan. The film was banned on the first decision, but a full board was formed to review the movie again on Wednesday. The CBFC agreed on launching the movie with several cuts and mutes but the Producer and Director Mr. Shoaib Mansoor stood firmly against the irrational launching and said that he isn’t ready to let the film hit the screens with “weird” film-making issues.

On Thursday night, an appellate committee from Ministry of Information and Broadcasting passed the decision in the favor of VERNA. The distributor Badar Ikram said

“They wanted to cut the film despite our pleas, but then God is great. ‘Verna’ has been allowed to screen all over Pakistan with certain minor conditions that do not involve any cuts or mutes. What those conditions are, we haven’t been told yet. But yes, as we speak, our film is now running in theatres all over the world and not just in Pakistan,”

The Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC) Chairman Mr. Mobashir Hasan confirmed that the CBFC had passed Verna ‘without any cuts or mutes’. He said that

“It is confirmed that ‘Verna’ has been declared suitable and fit for public exhibition. CBFC has issued censor certificate to the producer. The CBFC has regulatory jurisdiction over cinema houses located in Islamabad Capital Territory and those located in the cantonment areas across the country.”


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