We need more women in power



We Need More Women in Power

By Saira Iqbal

Women’s active role in decision-making is pivotal for the society and highly beneficial for the domestic issues to resolved at first place. Their role in designing and applying public policies has a great impact on people’s lives.

It is not the case that men should be suppressed nor it’s about men against women, but there is evidence to show through research that when you have more women in public decision-making, you get policies that benefit women, children and families in general.
Being an activist and writer, I feel very special and proud of myself being a women. In my opinion, I think a woman is the utmost honorable gift one could possibly get. I strongly feel this way as working with successful ladies on my workplace-home, a mother, a sister all did their duties very well with our compliments. I think world needs more women in power. Before I go much into my topic, i can simply assume of what the world be like after having women at the policy making levels.
To be very honest throughout the history, male leaders led us to violence and conflict and at the same i’ll not say that nothing good had been done by men, there has been many best things happened because of men. Here i am trying to make a comparison of what would have happened if it had been women in the leadership roles, and i must say that the world would have been much peaceful. If a society was governed by female leaders, it would have been more systematic.

When we talk about the access of women to decision corridors representation remains low.

Considering the recent facts, women are in more power than ever before. Men still dominate decision making but the number of women is on the rise in parliaments and cabinets, judiciary and police forces, formal employment and education.

Again siding the men i am of the view that increasing the number of women in political and public positions is important and should be done with rapid speed, but does not mean that they are real power. We see women in public life are often subject to sexism and prejudice. Women are less represented in the sectors and positions with the most power. But still empowering women is much needed thing every where in the world.

This two-year research project on women’s voice and leadership in decision-making, funded by DFID, set out to understand the factors that help and hinder women’s access to and substantive influence in decision-making processes in politics and society in developing countries. The project also considered whether, as is often assumed, women’s leadership advances gender equality and the wellbeing of women more broadly.

In addition, the root of the problem is much deeper than gender. The chaos and violence may already exist which governments around the world should take action to tackle it no matter of the gender differences of its leaders. Male and female rulers could both control the conflict well it they introduce more effective policies and strategies and work cooperatively with relevant departments.

Saira Iqbal is a freelance writer and author of two novels.


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