We need more women in power


By Bilal Mughal

We Need More Women in Power
Being a columnist, I feel very special and proud of myself. In my opinion, I think a woman is the utmost honorable gift one could possibly get. I strongly feel this way as working with successful ladies on my workplace-home a mother a wife and a daughter all did their duties very well with our compliments. I think world needs more women in power. Before I go much in my essay, I think that world needs more women particularly in the commanding force of a country also known as politics.
Throughout history, male leader led us to violence and conflict. If a society was governed by female leaders, it would be more peaceful. I totally agree to this. What do you think? Here I would like to take this chance to let the reader of my essay as a question ponders on.
There are minor wars and conflict in many parts of area nowadays, thus people are concerning weather we need more women leaders in order to provide harmony and safe environment. Personally, I disagree with this suggestion would rewrite the situation bring a positive effect as we expected.
In order to gain respect and power, female have to be tougher and aggressive as their counterpart does. They have to present the capabilities such as viewing issues in a whole picture, willing to take advices from people with various backgrounds, and then making decisions correctly. However, people often have negative impression on these outstanding female, iron ladies or isolated, for instance which is not fair for them.
In addition, the root of the problem is much deeper than gender. The chaos and violence may already exist which government should take action to tackle it no matter of the gender differences of its leaders. Male and female rulers could both control the conflict well it they introduce more effective policies and strategies and work cooperatively with relevant departments.


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