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I am basically a Mechatronics Engineer from NUST EME. I stumbled upon exploring new opportunities when my kids became school going. It was then when I realized that a 9 to 5 job wasn’t going to work for me since it takes up the entire day more or less and that would leave me no time to spend with my kids.

I got my first Google Advert Certification and started playing around with many social media tools. In 2009, I got into touch with Babar Bhatti, CEO of MutualMind (a social media analytics tool). I got the chance to work with him on some really constructive projects involving Fortune 500 companies. That is something I am really proud of. I am glad to report that ZeeSocial is now the premium partner of MutualMind.

It was indeed a humble beginning with two people. In about a year’s time, the first venture failed completely. So after learning from my mistakes, I started ZeeSocial in 2013.


Mobilink, wi-tribe, major food brands and beauty salons.

Women Empowerment at ZeeSocial

Fifty per cent of the country’s population is not contributing to the economy since it is not educated. I believe that the most untapped resource is women who are able and educated but are sitting at home due to lack of opportunities. This was the main aim and my motivation behind creating ZeeSocial. I love to extend opportunities to women. We are very flexible in terms of working hours. The mothers can bring along their kids to the office as well. The entire workforce at ZeeSocial is very dedicated and hardworking.

Idea Bank

I think as entrepreneurs we are trying to create something we believe in. So I always suggest that one should actually pursue ideas that they accept as true and feel passionate about. It’s important to dream big but your feet should be on the ground. People should know the difference between which idea is practical/real and which is not. Living in dreams is not enough. Achieving is what matters most.

Orignally published in startup magazine


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